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Julia Gillard’s ‘misogyny speech’ – that famous spray


In retrospect: Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s famous ‘misogyny speech’ directed at Opposition Leader Tony Abbott.

That was 9 October 2012 and within a day it has gone viral around the world!

ABC News report with video


George Pell: Child sex abuse row a media ‘beat up’


In retrospect: “Many Australians would just see Pell as an embarrassment, noting his quick dismissal of the row over child sex abuse as a media ‘beat up’.” ~ Ross Peake Canberra Times 17 November 2012 

Canberra Times column

Menzies: I did but see her passing by


In retrospect: What he said and what she might have thought. 

It was at Parliament House where Prime Minister Robert Menzies, a devout royalist, was to quote the 17th century words of Thomas Ford: “I did but see her passing by, and yet I love her till I die.”

Sir William Heseltine Private Secretary to HM the Queen 1986-1990: “It was one of the very few occasions I think Sir Robert misjudged his audience. And I can remember that there was a frisson of embarrassment and this was perhaps reflected on the Queen’s own look on that occasion.”

Was Her Majesty squeamish? Take a look at the video