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Murdoch’s media monopoly miasma


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The Aim Network 30 July 2014:

Media mogul Murdoch is buying a Conservative alternate universe

The Abbott Government is leading Australia down America’s path on a range of social and economic issues, and holding the reigns is Rupert Murdoch.

On Line Opinion 11 June 2014:

Democracy and diversity: media ownership in Australia

…… Rupert Murdoch, the founder and CEO of News Corp, used the media to sway” voters with headlines such as: “Australia needs Tony” and “Kick this Mob [Labor] Out”.

Abbott frees gambling industry and trusts it to behave. No joke!

“You could trust us in opposition and you will be able to trust us in government”

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Abbott frees gambling industry from reform

The Coalition will rely on the clubs and gaming industry to develop support and counselling services for problem gamblers if it wins government.
”This is Dracula in charge of the blood bank,” Tim Costello said. 

Penny Wong’s Q&A gay marriage watershed moment


In retrospect: Q&A 14 May 2012 – gay marriage watershed moment

Joe Hockey verbatim: I must confess my views have changed since I’ve had children. I think in this life we’ve got to aspire to give our children what I believe is the very best circumstances, and that’s to have a mother and a father.

Penny Wong acknowledged that comments like Hockey’s were hurtful, and concluded by calmy saying: ”I know what my family is worth.”

Sydney Morning Herald – source, video and full article

Alan Jones: Gillard’s father died of shame

Free speech, in the form of poisonous deranged rantings, can come at a price
Free speech, in the form of poisonous deranged rantings, can come at a price

1 October 2012

How ironic that John Gillard was a psychiatric nurse.

Described as a humble, good-hearted man who spent his life improving the lives of others, he no doubt cared for his all patients with respect and kindness – including the deranged, insulting him with cruel and abusive comments, unaware of what they were saying.

Enter Alan Jones who must surely fit into the ‘deranged’ category.

While paying tribute to her father in parliament on September 19, Prime Minister Julia Gillard said her father “felt more deeply than me, in many ways, some of the personal attacks that we face in the business of politics”.

Sadly – but not surprisingly – after his death, neither John Gillard nor his beloved, now grieving daughter Julia were afforded respect and kindness from Alan Jones.

Jones’ now infamous comment can surely, only be attributable to derangement: “The old man recently died a few weeks ago of shame. To think he has a daughter who told lies every time she stood for parliament.”

Jones went on to suggest Ms Gillard’s tears of grief, for a man she publicly said she “will miss for the rest of my life”, were what sparked a sudden leap in political polling for her.

Deranged? Well ~

No-one in their right mind, especially such a publicly influential person, could make comments such as:

  • I’m putting her in a chaff bag and hoisting her into the Tasman Sea.
  • Yeah, that’s it. (in reference to Ms Gillard) Bring back the guillotine.

Jones has repeatedly labelled Julia Gillard as a liar. He is pretty loose with the truth himself. Delusional?

  •  Everyone in Labor Caucus knows she’s a liar. Has he spoken to each and every member? Has there been a vote in this issue?
  • (In relation to his infamous ‘died of shame’ speech) I spoke without notes for 58 minutes, I’ve no idea of the material I covered. Does that mean he is actually denying saying it? But it was recorded and has been reported. Surely that would prompt his memory. Guess his condition of convenient amnesia is serious. Conversely, his memory of convenience managed to recall that he spoke for 58 minutes – as a cop out for ‘forgetting’? What extraordinary coincidences of convenience!

His capacity for gross exaggeration also raises serious questions:

  • No, no look, hang on, this is where we are weak. This is where we are weak. Can you believe that they have gone, the federal (Liberal) party, because they’ve been brainwashed by the media to “oh back off, she’s a woman, go easy”. There is little evidence that the Coalition has softened. Julie Bishop, who happens to be a woman, has been as tough as any of her male counterparts. Effectively, this comment suggests that the Coalition should stoop to Jones’ low standards. God help the parliament then!

Or maybe, just maybe, the man is just plain stupid, which could explain all of the above. How’s this one:

  • (Referring to the “died of shame” comment.) It was a throw away line at a private function – I thought it was a private function. But, Alan, you are after all, Alan Jones. Whenever you make comments at any gathering, you are bound to be commented on, repeated or God forbid, recorded. What else would you expect?

Or maybe he is very smart. Maybe he knows what his peculiar audiences wants to hear.

Ratings and profit before poisonous deranged rantings. Fancy that!

Long live freedom of speech – but in Alan Jones’ case, let’s confine it to his psychiatric ward. “Time for your tablets, Mr Jones. Better take them or you might suffer another nasty relapse. And that could be the end of you. We wouldn’t want that, would we?”

Or would we?