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Over the hill they go, killing another mountain
Gotta fill the quota – can’t go slow
Huge machinery wiping out the scenery
One big swipe like a shearer’s blow
Rip rip woodchip – turn it into paper
Throw it in the bin, no news today
Stirs my blood – gonna make a stand
~ Lyrics in part from John Williamson’s hit ‘Rip Rip Woodchip’
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27  October 2010 ~
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Climate change: Combet to sign ‘Son of Kyoto’. Why bother?

Combet backs feeble 'Son of Kyoti'
Combet backs feeble ‘Son of Kyoto’


9 November 2012

Yeah, yeah, OK! I’ve heard all this goddamn climate change negotiation crap before. Why don’t they just get over it?

Kyoto was a big fat failure and now Kyoto 2 – this ‘Son of Kyoto’ is doomed. It’s feeble. Only 2 of the world’s top 10 emitters are going to sign on, and we’re not one of them. Why should we? We Americans are number 2 on the list. China has beaten us. Damn it! They must be a real economic threat.

Let’s face facts. After the Copenhagen disaster, nothing but nothing was ever going to work. If there wasn’t agreement then, there never will be. So I say, just get over it and let us get on with our lives.

Those Australians are such goodie-goodie green global citizens. That Greg Combet is going to sign on. Crazy! They are number 14 on the list, so why would they bother. They think they can help get the world get back on track on climate change. Who do they think they are?

We Republican voters like to quote our hero, George Bush Senior who said at the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, “The American way of life is not negotiable”. Damn right!

America is the leader of the free world and we are free to do whatever we want. We won’t bow to any international rules on greenhouse emissions. As leader of the free world, we make the rules. Rules that suit us!

What every American wants is prosperity and an affluent lifestyle. What has made this country great is the profit motive. Capitalism, economic might, consumerism, innovation, marketing brilliance – that’s us.

There is as much chance of changing the American way of life as there is of selling swimwear to Eskimos. Hey! There’s an idea!

The ice caps are melting as temperatures rise. This could be a brilliant business opportunity. I could make a killing here.

Lucky we’re not going to sign that ‘Son of Kyoto’ thing!

God bless you America – you always look after your citizens – like me.

Turn the TV off will you honey? I’ve had enough of the news – I’ve got some urgent business to attend to.

Just imagine how proud our grandkids are going to be of me!

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