Give us our game back, Mr Demetriou

You know you have a big problem when you can’t sell a pie at the footy
You know you have a big problem when you can’t sell a pie at the footy


14 February 2013

Wouldn’t it be funny if they held an AFL season and nobody came! Supporters, that is. Players are another story pending the outcome of the current ACCC, ASADA investigations into illicit drug use.

The ugly face of modern footy is a turn off – profiteering, widespread doping, organised crime activities, poker machine revenue, duplicitous tanking for draft picks, gambling on a massive scale, and maybe even match fixing – it’s enough to make you choke on your pie – if you can afford one – if you bother to go to the footy in 2013.

Australian Rules is our game – loved, revered and worshipped by we true believers. It has soul. We live for our teams and hold our players in the highest regard. They are our heroes, performing their feats of athleticism and courage, with undying loyalty to their clubs. And they do it for the love of the game, not money.

That’s our game – as it was.

Their game has been to take our game, turn it in to big business and sell its soul. And they have succeeded. We have been treated like fools. More fool them for killing the goose that laid the golden egg.

They have abused the very people who made the game great – us. The mass appeal was their green light for exploitation of the masses – us!

We have been ripped off, conned, cheated, gouged, deceived and kicked in the guts. We have been sold out by greed – and they think we will continue to accept it.

Corporatised and commercialised – that’s them.

Disillusioned and disenchanted – that’s us.

The divide between them and us is a chasm.

There is nothing left for us to believe in. Nothing left to have faith in. No sporting values to justify any passion or loyalty for the game at the so-called “elite” level. There is nothing elite about cheats and crooks.

But so many true believers seem to just accept the sad reality. Maybe not for much longer! Maybe we will all vote with our feet and just stay away from this dubious, amoral, charade they call the modern-day AFL.


Let’s hit them where they have hit us – in the pocket. (Not to mention the heart and the guts.)

Let’s give them a big fright. That is the only way they will give the game back to its rightful owners – us!