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Tony Abbott



That flagpole cost four million dollars plus. All that public money just to hold up a piece of cloth. Such a terrible waste.

I admit it was Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser who commissioned the new Parliament House with that phallic symbol. Rather apt for an arrogant prick like him to epitomize himself on a grandiose scale. He’s a turncoat Liberal deserter.

Speaking of grandiose, I know Australians hate grandiosity, including big words like that. Anything grandiose or high-flown, like that flagpole makes them cringe.

Ah yes, the great Australian cringe. That’s the secret of my success. Australians love to cringe.

That’s why I’m PM. I am fantastic cringe material. I make Australians cringe. I make them feel so uncomfortable having me as prime minister. They cringe so much that they love me. If they love to cringe and I make them cringe, they must love me. It’s perfect logic.

Which brings me to the reason I have called this press conference.

You are all aware of a document leaked by my department that exposes my scheme, which I cannot reveal because it is the subject of an internal investigation. However, I can reveal that it relates to a plan to make Australians cringe to unprecedented degrees. And yes, it does involve dismantling that flagpole.

Might I say however, that nothing could be more Abbottesque to adorn Capital Hill than me, my Speedos and a giant Hills Hoist. And the Union Jack of course – would be un-Australia to ignore that. Australians will love me for it.

I suspect the leak culprit is Peta Credlin, my chief of staff who thought my idea was ridiculous – too cringe-worthy for my own good, she told me. How ridiculous to call me ridiculous. I’m the expert on cringeworthiness. She thinks my ego is out of control.

She does not realise that my ego and the great Australian cringe are a match made in heaven.

When you journos write your columns, please make your readers cringe. If you don’t, my grandiose gesture to the people of Australia might never eventuate. That would be such a terrible waste.

Christine Milne


Over the hill they go, killing another mountain
Gotta fill the quota – can’t go slow
Huge machinery wiping out the scenery
One big swipe like a shearer’s blow
Rip rip woodchip – turn it into paper
Throw it in the bin, no news today
Stirs my blood – gonna make a stand
~ Lyrics in part from John Williamson’s hit ‘Rip Rip Woodchip’
Full lyrics
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27  October 2010 ~
Media release authorised by Christine Milne:
Release in full

Eric Abetz aids and abets in criminal assaults on intelligence


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Eric Abetz’s abortion backtrack: an opportunity to study Liberal spin in its natural habitat

Last night, openly anti-abortion but pro-job-application senator Eric Abetz linked breast cancer and abortion on a TV interview with Channel 10’s the Project.

Murdoch’s media monopoly miasma


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Media mogul Murdoch is buying a Conservative alternate universe

The Abbott Government is leading Australia down America’s path on a range of social and economic issues, and holding the reigns is Rupert Murdoch.

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Democracy and diversity: media ownership in Australia

…… Rupert Murdoch, the founder and CEO of News Corp, used the media to sway” voters with headlines such as: “Australia needs Tony” and “Kick this Mob [Labor] Out”.

Joe’s unpalatable budget cuts for quick sale – wicked!


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Hockey rejects ‘misleading’ budget stats

Treasurer Joe Hockey has dismissed as ‘misleading’ a media report that the government was fully aware that poorer households would be hardest hit by its budget spending cuts.

…… Mr Hockey is struggling to sell his budget to the electorate and key crossbenchers in the Senate.

Palmer’s recipe for power – ‘Plucked Duck a la Abbott’

PalmerAbbottKEOGH1000x1000 TWITTER77X77

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The budget is dead in the water, says Palmer

Clive Palmer said the federal government has little choice but to have a mini-budget or go back to the polls because the bulk of its budget measures will never pass the Senate.

Morrison: No significant events at sea


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Silence on missing asylum seeker boat a disgrace to the nation

“We are breaching our central obligation under the refugee convention” says lawyer Julian Burnside, after two boatloads of asylum seekers were allegedly screened and handed over to the Sri Lankan navy by Australia.

Study: US is an oligarchy, not a democracy [which is apparently for sale]


Study: US is an oligarchy, not a democracy

BBC article 17 April 2014 based on a recent study by Princeton University Professor Martin Gilens and Northwestern University Professor Benjamin I Page.

Wink! Regretful sleazy slimy Abbott, regrettable Minister for Women, regrets being a sprung sleazy slime


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Sex hotline pensioner labels Abbott’s wink at her call ‘sleazy’ and ‘slimy’

PM says he regrets his reaction to the call from 67-year-old grandmother Gloria as he defends his role as minister for women