George Brandis saves the planet


Would Senator George Brandis dare dispute Einstein’s Theory of Relativity?

Brandis: E = mc2 etc is just a maze of formulas that has nothing to do with reality. And if it has nothing to do with reality, it must be right … right?

Einstein: Wrong … “every action has an equal and opposite reaction”, so that’s my reaction to you.

Brandis: So you agree with me … every opinion has an equal and opposite right to be opposed … right?

Einstein: Wrong … opinions based on evidence outweigh medieval and ignorant opinions.

Brandis: You are medieval and ignorant … right?

Einstein: Wrong … I am an enlightened genius.

Brandis: Genius my arse, you authoritarian tyrant of political correctness. You scientists need to get a grip on unreality. Here’s my tip … get a haircut, get a real job and engage at an intellectual level. 

23 April 2014

So, Senator George Brandis says people who believe the science is settled on climate change are “ignorant and medieval”.

And the reason: “the cultural tyranny of political correctness” which is apparently “sheer authoritarianism”. Climate change deniers are victims it seems, denied the opportunity of intellectual engagement.

And Penny Wong is apparently the “high priestess of political correctness” for daring to say that the science is settled on climate change, according to Mr Brandis.

Now there’s a turn up! Accusing a lesbian Opposition Senator of Asian descent in a same-sex partnership with an adopted daughter, guilty of political correctness when xenophobia, misogyny and homophobia are cumulative synonyms for Brandis’ own party.

George has now taken the convolution of political correctness versus incorrectness to previously unimagined farce.

Trouble is – apart from him being our Federal Attorney-General with the responsibility that goes with the job – he lives in a dream world where reality is just an inconvenient distraction.

After all, who needs the overwhelmimg majority of scientists who say our planet is perilously threatened, when Andrew Bolt says they are wrong.

Andrew has the right to freedom of speech – hence softening Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act – and freedom of speech is more important than anything but anything – even the planet itself.

So, according to the logic of George, if there is freedom of speech, there will be no climate change. Simple!

So a big thanks to Senator George Brandis for changing Section 18C. That masterstroke will save the planet.

In no time, the ice caps will re-form, extinct species will reappear and sea levels will fall – not that they ever rose – and climate change will be exposed as leftist conspiracy to subvert the right to free speech.

What a relief! All that fuss about nothing. Ah, it’s so nice to be relaxed and comfortable in a medieval and ignorant Australia!